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Writer News! George Dodds, George Stephenson's partner! And … Ralph Bagnold and Camouflage!


I've been doing research into my own surname. It originates from Dod, an ancient word for a round-shouldered hill. This led me to the amazing lives of the early Dodds Engineers, and to publishing a six-page article about them in BackTrack Magazine.


Then I got obsessed with what Ralph Bagnold did after he handed over command of the Long Range Desert Group in 1941. In short, he got involved with dummy tanks, phoney aircraft, a transvestite and a magician! My blog about it all will be on the Churchill Archives website in May. And of course, Bagnold will feature in Luc 3, just as he does in Luc 2! Which is about to be published. Title? Luc's War – Desert Gold. Watch this space!

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